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The Civilian Personnel Flight assists civilian employees with the full range of human resource management functions including workforce management, employee management relations, labor relations, and more. The flight services civilians classified as Federal Appropriated Fund (APF) and Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) employees.

Civilian Personnel Office

The Civilian Personnel Office provides services to more than 2,600 federal civil service employees on Hanscom Air Force Base that are paid with appropriated funds (APF) from Congress with diverse missions, organizational chains of command, and union negotiations for those covered under collective bargaining agreements.

NAF Human Resources Office

The NAF Human Resources Office provides services to approximately 300 federal employees on Hanscom Air Force Base paid with non-appropriated funds (NAF). These funds are generated by the revenue from the activities in the squadron. For example, Hanscom Pool charges for swimming lessons and then uses the earnings to provide for NAF salaries and recreational activities for the Hanscom community.

Categories of NAF employment are as follows:

  • Regular Full-Time: 35-40 hours per week w/ health, dental, life insurance, 401K, and retirement benefits
  • Regular Part-time: 20-34 hours per week w/ health, dental, life insurance, 401K, and retirement benefits
  • Flex: 0-40 hours per week based on needs of the activity

Current Job Openings

Child & Youth Program Assistant

Child Development Center
Closes: July 17, 2024

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Child & Youth Program Assistant

School Age Program
Closes: August 8, 2024

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Recreation Aid

Fourth Cliff Recreation Area
Closes: December 23, 2024

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