AFMC Sponsorship Program

If you are selected to be a sponsor for an incoming employee, please take the eSponsorship training found on MilitaryOneSource. This way you will become aware of all the ways you can help the employee settle into the unit.
The e-sponsorship training can be found at this website:

Furthermore, on this website sponsors can download helpful documents that will assist in helping the employees they will be sponsoring. For example: email templates, needs assessments and checklists.

AFMC has created a Civilian Sponsor Checklist for sponsors to reference in regard to sponsorship
Civilian Unit Sponsor Checklist (

Click here to download the “Welcome to Hanscom AFB” introduction packet.

Please inform the employee you are sponsoring about Military Installations, which is a website that can be regarded as an online sponsor packet. It is filled with up-to-date contact and area information that is useful to individuals who are coming to the Hanscom area.

Local Area Lodging Establishments near Hanscom AFB

Contact Hanscom Military and Family Readiness with any questions related to relocation 781-225-2765

Stay up to date with information and events at Hanscom AFB by connecting to their social media pages!