Voting Assistance

Military and Overseas Citizens Can Vote. Wherever they are.

The Voting Assistance Office provides uniformed service members and their family members with information and assistance on how to request an absentee ballot and vote absentee. We will also provide civilians with information and assistance on procedures to register to vote and update voter registration information (e.g., change of address).

You can also access many voting-related questions and answers on the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

Click the image to go to FVAP website:

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Federal Office – Upcoming Elections

The following states have elections for federal office in the next 90 days:


Feb 3: South Carolina (P) – Democratic
Feb 6: Nevada (P)
Feb 24: South Carolina (P) – Republican
Feb 27: Michigan (P)


March 5: Alabama (P)(S), Arkansas (P)(S), California (P), Colorado (P), Maine (P), Massachusetts (P), Minnesota (P), North Carolina (P)(S), Oklahoma (P), Tennessee (P), Texas (P)(S), Utah (P), Vermont (P), Virginia (P)
March 12: Georgia (P), Mississippi (P)(S), *Washington (P)
March 19: Arizona (P), Florida (P), Illinois (P)(S), Kansas (P), Ohio (P)
March 23: Louisiana (P)


April 2: Arkansas (R), Connecticut (P), Delaware (P), Mississippi (R), New York (P), Rhode Island (P), Wisconsin (P)
April 16: Alabama (R)
April 21: *Puerto Rico (P) – Republican
April 23: *Pennsylvania (P)(S)
April 28: *Puerto Rico (P) – Democratic

Contact your Unit Voting Assistance Officer for an absentee ballot form. You can also contact Tracey Hall, Installation Voting Assistance Officer, at 781-225-2765, or email at