Financial Readiness

We have several certified and accredited Personal Financial Counselors who will work with you to achieve your financial goals through personalized counseling. Active Duty, Guard/Reserve Members, Retirees, and their families are eligible to use one on one services. DoD Civilians are eligible to participate in our workshops.

Financial Education Workshops

Budget Savings & Planning
Discuss the dreaded “B” word – BUDGET which is simply a plan for how you want to spend your hard-earned money.
This workshop touches on how goals, debt, and savings are an integral part of your cash flow.

Bundles For Babies
The Bundles for Babies workshop is designed to teach soon to be and new parents basic parenting skills, as well as financial skills to help them budget for their new baby. This workshop is open to Active-duty Air Force personnel and spouses, all ranks of service and is not limited to a first pregnancy.

Ditching the Dorms
Financial preparedness workshop for dorm residents. Provides an outline of developing a spend plan, cost of moving/ BAH rates and tips on what to look for in your new place.

Estate Planning
Workshop led by local attorney proficient in Massachusetts Estate Laws. This workshop identifies the benefits of an estate plan, how to reduce or eliminate taxes, revocable trusts and how to enhance your family’s financial security. Sponsored by the Hanscom Federal Credit Union.

Financial Wellness
This workshop delves into your financial wellness to identify patterns and behaviors to keep your financial goals and wellness a priority.

Holiday Spending
This workshop is designed to help service members plan for the added expenses of holidays and to develop strategies to avoid overspending and accumulating excessive debt.

Identity Theft
This workshop covers what information ID thieves are looking for and how it’s stolen, what to do when you are the victim and reliable prevention strategies.

Raising Financially Fit Kids
This workshop is designed to help parents learn how to teach their children sound financial management skills. During the course, parents will examine their own financial skills and behaviors so that they can determine how to best implement age-appropriate financial practices for their children.

Thrift Savings Plan/Blended Retirement System Basics
Learn about the Thrift Savings Plan and Blended Retirement System Basics and how to ensure you are getting the most out of your TSP options.

VA Home Loans
This workshop provides Information on the VA home loan amounts/types/fees, the overall process and eligibility to qualify.

Additional Financial Resources

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Personal Finance Calculator
See your current financial status right in front of you, using this calculator tool.