Casualty Services & Survivor Benefits

Casualty Services

We are the casualty focal Point for Department of the Air Force, Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve on Active Duty in the New England and New York area. At Hanscom, we collaborate with our Air Force and Space Force partners to provide prompt reporting, dignified and humane notification, and efficient, thorough and compassionate assistance to family members. Additionally, our team provides assistance with applying for and receiving military benefits and entitlements, working with multiple federal agencies to provide information to ensure families receive and are knowledgeable of programs available. We can also provide assistance for Retiree families in reporting and applying for military benefits and entitlements.

Survivor Benefits Plan

Are you coming up on retirement? Did you know that your military retired pay stops if you die? The Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) makes it possible for retired members to ensure that after their death their eligible survivors receive a portion of their retired pay. Prior to retirement, you must make your election to either take the program or decline. Once you retire, you can also contact us to ask any questions or assist with changes. Retiree families may also contact us to apply for the Survivor Benefits Plan annuity.

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