Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society enhances the Air Force mission by helping airmen and their families achieve their educational goals, relieve emergency financial
distress, and improve their quality of life. At Hanscom, we partner with the Air Force Aid Society to bring programs and assistance where needed to eligible members within a 50 mile radius of our installation.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency use funds from which Active Duty, Retirees and Reservists may be eligible to borrow interest free loans. Usage is for unexpected emergencies such as Basic Living (food, utilities, rent/mortgage, gas, phone, child care), Emergency Travel, Medical/Dental not covered by Tricare, and Vehicle expense (repair, insurance, payment). Coordination will be needed with Air Force Aid Society.

Active Air Force & Space Force Members, Air Force Reservists & Retirees requiring Emergency Financial Assistance:

    • Click here and review the instructions.

    • Go to

    • Register with a PERSONAL email address. If you already have an account with your government issued email address, please update it to a personal address so you can easily be contacted.

    • Gather your required documents so you can include them with your submission.

    • Follow the instructions to apply and an HQ AFAS Caseworker will contact you.

If you need help applying, please reach out to us! We can assist with the application process during our business hours. If you need immediate assistance after duty hours, contact the Command Post  (781.225.6960) or the Red Cross (877.272.7337).

NOTE: Applications that aren’t filled out using the above instructions may not receive timely assistance. The staff at the Hanscom Military and Family Readiness Center are no longer caseworkers so we will not be able to take any actions after your request is submitted.

Active Army Members requiring Emergency Financial Assistance
Eligible Soldiers and U.S. Army Families who require financial assistance will no longer be serviced at Air Force or Space Force installations. Natick, MA AER office is currently closed. Contact the American Red Cross at American Red Cross for assistance with case processing.

Navy/Marine Corp Members requiring Emergency Financial Assistance
Click here to find your nearest assistance location. Contact the American Red Cross for assistance if local office is closed. 

Coast Guard Members requiring Emergency Financial Assistance
Click here to find your nearest assistance location. If you are more than 50 miles from a CGMA Representative, the American Red Cross can process your request for assistance on behalf of CGMA.

Commanders & First Sergeants
Click here for the AFAS guide for Commanders and First Sergeants.

Education Support

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 are awarded to eligible Air Force and Space Force
dependents each year to assist with tuition, books and fees, or other direct education
expenses. For complete details go to

Air Force Aid Society Community Programs

Bundles For Babies
Quarterly workshop open to expectant parents in their second and third trimester. Learn about Newborn Care, Car Seat Safety, Budgeting for a Baby, and more. Active Duty Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Space Force families will receive an electronic monetary gift from the Air Force Aid Society. Active Duty Army and Civilian families will receive a goodie bag.

Give Parents a Break
Program is currently suspended due to staffing shortage. Air Force families undergoing stressful times may be referred by first sergeants or a base “helping” agency to take their children (12 and under) to the Child Development Center for a 4-hour “break” at no charge.