Marketing Department


Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Details provided should be final and ready for advertising and publication.* Marketing products will be based on your submissions. Don’t forget to include recurring programs/events!

Incomplete or late submissions cannot be guaranteed a full advertisement plan. If program/event details change after submitting contact the Marketing Team at ASAP.
*Don't hesitate to include "heads up" information for events scheduled further out than the next 6 months and may not be 100% set in stone as long as you make a note that it is not yet final. Submission reminders will be sent periodically requesting information on programs/events/deals on a rolling 12 month basis. 

ATTN FACILITY MANAGERS & FLIGHT CHIEFS: Submit all planned programs, events, & deals scheduled on a rolling 12 month basis to the Marketing Team each month. Use the promts below when sending your submissions.

  • Program Name | Date & Time | Sign up deadline | POC/Facility
  • Program Description: Overall Description; Cost; Location; Food/Beverages; Entertainment (name/type/schedule); Prizes/Giveaways/Contests; Participation limit; Other Information 
  • Target Audience | Strategic Marketing Ideas? 
  • Sponsorship needed? request must be sent at least 6 months in advance of program date

email Download a marketing request form >>
Email with your completed marketing request form.

66th FSS Marketing Department staff will develop a design/marketing campaign from concept to completion. If a specific look or feel is required, the marketing submission must include those details or must make a request for communication with the designers. After final artwork is presented, the POC may request up to one round of minor revision (text/copy edits). 

Be sure to review your facility's webpage regularly. If any updates/changes are needed, please use the link below to submit a webpage update request.

Also check the announcements page and the online calendar to make sure your facility & events are correct and up-to-date. Let us know ASAP if anything changes!

emailDownload a webpage update request form >>
Email with your completed web update request form.

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