Our website, www.HanscomFSS.com shows you all the facilities and the great programs they offer. Most 66th FSS programs, events and facilities* are open to DoD ID cardholders, including active duty, reservists, DoD civilians, NAF employees, base contractors, retirees and authorized family members according to AFI 34-262, "Services Programs and Use Eligibility." Some priority restrictions apply; please contact the facilities directly for details.

Force Support Squadron facilities are not open to the public. You must be a Department of Defense ID cardholder and have access to Hanscom Air Force Base in order to use our facilities (some have even further restrictions).
Our squadron (Force Support) doesn't have any authority over entry procedures to the base - Security Forces oversees them. For more information on base access, you can contact the Visitors Center at 781-225-6642. To learn more about ID card requirements, call the Military Personnel Section customer support at 781-225-1320. Security issues prevent us from posting maps and directions online. But when entering the base from either side, the gate guards will be able to easily direct you to any facility you may be looking for.
*Airman and Family Readiness Center programs are free to all single and married Active Duty, Reserve and Guard Personnel, DoD civilians, retired military personnel and family members. The Veterinary Treatment facility is open to active duty, retired military members and their dependents holding a DoD ID card and eligible for DEERS enrollment.


The AFVC isn't managed by us at Force Support - it's a separate entity - but according to their eligibility info the program is available to all active and retired members of the Armed Forces, Department of Defense employees and select civilian employees in military support roles. For more information on eligibility, availability and to book your reservation visit http://www.afvclub.com or call toll-free 1-800-724-9988.


  • CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER (CDC): Eligibility and priority are established through AFI 34-144. Eligible patrons include active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel paid with either APF or NAF (including AAFES), reservist on active duty or during inactive duty training and DoD contractors.
  • FAMILY CHILD CARE (FCC): Children 2 weeks old to age 12 of any active duty or retired military members, DoD civilians and contractors employed on or supporting Hanscom AFB, are eligible for care under the FCC Program.
  • EXTENDED DUTY CARE: Eligible users are Active Duty assigned to or living on the base, DoD civilians assigned to the base, Spouses of Active Duty whose spouse is deployed or TDY, AF Reserve or Air National Guard on active duty.
  • RETURNING HOME CARE: Eligible users are active duty members, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members assigned to or living on the installation. Guard and Reserve are eligible to use this program also under the Home Community Care Program in the civilian community during weekend care contracted time.


There's no usage charge to enter the Fitness & Sports Center; authorized users and their visitors can use the facility for free. Many fitness classes are $3 each, however. Non-ID-cardholders cannot use the facility on their own; i.e., they must be accompanied by their "sponsor."

For full details, we recommend you give the Fitness Center staff a call at (781) 225-6630/6631 or stop by their front desk. They can address your particular situation, give you the details on visitor rules and answer any other question you may have about the facility.

Eligible patrons for 24 Hour Fitness Access currently include:

  • Active Duty Military and their family members (18 years of age and older, Active Duty may be 17)
  • Reservists
  • DoD Civilians (including NAF employees)
  • Retirees
  • National Guard and Reserve Personnel


The Golf Course is also open to VA employees, VA outpatients and VA volunteers. Honorably discharged military members are eligible to golf when they present a DD-214. For specific eligibility questions, please call the Pro Shop at 781-687-2396.


Eligibility and priority are established through AFI 34-144. Eligible patrons include active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel paid with either APF or NAF (including AAFES), reservist on active duty or during inactive duty training and DoD contractors.


The Youth Center is open to ages 9-18. Sponsors of the children must be from the following categories in accordance with AFI 34-144: Active Duty military | DoD civilians | Military Reserves | NAF employees | AAFES employees | Air National Guard | retirees* (all branches of services) | DoD contractors**

Our programs have various age restrictions. When specified, younger children — as well as adults — may participate in activities sponsored by Youth Programs, including special events and instructional programs.

*space A | ** contractors must physically work on Hanscom AFB


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